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  • Move Ibiza Showcase Opening
    April 26 2024 | 1.386 Comments

    OPENING Move Ibiza Showcase FRIDAY April, 26 at Monkey Ibiza, every Friday's in a best Beach Sunset Club of Sant Antoni del Portmany (Ibiza).

  • Move Ibiza Showcase MMW
    MMW 2024 Miami Brickell
    19/24 March 2024 | 1.862 Comments

    Already establishing roots around the world, some of the most exciting DJs in the business once again arrive in MMW (Miami Music Week) 2024.

  • Nomads Essences
    Nomads Essences
    28 Oct 2023 | 431 Comments

    Nomads Essences the nature experience returns to Ibiza to create a world where music is the language combined with ibiza essence charm.

  • Ipsum
    New Season 2024
    10 Oct 2023 | 720 Comments

    We sign a new season in Ibiza, with two weekly permanent residencies and the presentation of the new event that will move your senses "Nomads Essences"

  • Ipsum
    RED VLC 10 Aniversario
    2 Dec 2023 | 1.386 Comments

    Move Producciones will present the 10th Anniversary of RED VLC, on Saturday, December 23, 2023 at the Tulum Room (former RED Valencia).

  • Ipsum
    New Season 2024
    10 Oct 2023 | 720 Comments

    MOVE IBIZA SHOWCASE™ is one of the most successful and breakthrough parties ever, which has already been all over the world. Prepare your venue for some Balearic Beats.

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